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Hollister man faces several felony charges surrounding drugs, weapons production and vehicle theft

Hollister police department

HOLLISTER, Calif. (KION) A man is facing several felony charges after stealing a car and being found in possession of a firearm manufacturing tool as well as drug paraphilia.

Santiago Cavazos got into a car accident on February 5th while driving a stolen car. The officers responding to the accident did not realize that the car was stolen because it had yet to be reported as such, and Cavazos was arrested on unrelated charges.

While investigating the accident, the CHP contacted the rightful owner, who did not even realize that their car had been stolen.

Investigating authorities went look for Cavazos at the San Benito County Jail, but he had already posted bail.

Later that day, Cavazos was involved in a traffic stop, wherein an officer with the Hollister Police Department recognized him and arrested him for vehicle theft.

While searching the vehicle Cavazos was driving at the time of the stop, officers discovered large quantities of marijuana, concentrated cannabis wax, psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms), alprazolam pills (generic for Xanax) and various narcotics packaging materials and a scale.

Officers with the Hollister Police Department once again arrested Cavazos, who now faces multiple felony charges.

On February 18th, officers with the Hollister Police Department partnered with the San Benito Sheriff's Office to execute a search warrant on Cavazos' home.

They found further evidence that supported their suspicions that Cavozos was involved in the illegal sale of drugs. They also found a firearm manufacturing tool, which is known to be used in the illegal production of firearms.

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Amelia Rosenberg

Amelia Rosenberg is a weekend producer at KION News Channel 5/46.


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