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Name falcon chicks tended to by UCSC biologists

baby falcon 2
Baby falcons hatched atop PG&E headquarters are banded by UCSC biologists.

SAN FRANCISCO (KION) Biologists with UC Santa Cruz's Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group teamed up with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory to band four baby falcons Monday.

'Banding' is when researchers attach a small band to a bird's leg so that they can track it throughout its life.

The chicks hatched atop the PG&E headquarters last month, and were given thorough examinations before they were banded by Zeka Glucs, the director of the Predatory Bird Research Group.

Although their new leg bands have numbers and letters for identification, PG&E is asking customers to help name the birds—two females and two males.

Customers can submit names using the hashtag #pgefalcons on Twitter and Instagram, or by emailing

The deadline to submit your name is this Friday, May 7th.

Names will be chosen from the submissions and announced next week.

Past winning names have been inspired by Golden State Warriors players, movie characters and even the namesake of an elementary school in Watsonville

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Amelia Rosenberg

Amelia Rosenberg is a weekend producer at KION News Channel 5/46.


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