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Gonzales High School seniors at risk of not graduating during pandemic

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GONZALES, Calif. (KION) Gonzales High School seniors are at risk of not graduating June 2021, according to findings shared at a school board meeting.

Nearly half of the students are not on track to graduate, according to the findings, which is about 108 students out of the 228 total. In the fall semester 423 D's and 1080 F's were awarded to students as a final grade. The Board meeting addressed that about 36 core classes is needed for students to be eligible for college.

"The emphasis once again Ds and Fs in the core areas Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies, need to be repeated by a student to get a passing grade," said Superintendent Yvette M. Irving in the meeting. "This year the high school has been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic."

Teachers are not aware of the cumulative effect of the D's and F's they award said the superintendent Irving. It was also mentioned that the grading system needs to be reevaluated. She said students need an opportunity to retake the class and get a passing grade.

“Not only to keep them on track to graduation and the ability to choose a four year college but also to master the content they will need and use in the subsequent class,” Superintendent Yvette M. Irving in the meeting.

Online classes are being offered so students can obtain credits online. Intersessions are expected within the next months and before graduation. Board member Cesar Ayon said the involvement of teachers, kids, and parents is needed for a solution. He also said he knows some kids who have tuned out which is why outreach is needed.

“A teacher can give a grade for not doing any works but is that fair to anybody,” said Ayon. “So I think the challenge is trying to find why that kid has tuned out.”

The Superintendent also said they're possibly going to offer the largest summer school they've offered in the district. And accommodations will be made for seniors to return next year as super seniors.

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Jonathan Sarabia

Jonathan is a multi-media journalist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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