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Girl Scouts plant trees to help the environment

MARINA, Calif. (KION) Local Girl Scouts are helping the environment by planting trees this weekend.

Monterey County Gives raised 15,000 dollars to plant oak trees in Marina.

The Girl Scouts partnered up with Citizens for Sustainable Marina for their Bronze Award project.

For the girls, this is a huge milestone, one that usually involves addressing an issue within their community. They decided to plant oak trees. The Girl Scouts hope to spread awareness about environmental issues through the project.

"We all want to help the whole world be a better place for planting trees. It helps people breath fresher air, not just people but animals too because we don't want to live in this environment all of us are sick and it's disgusting. we plant these tress so we can be able to live a happy life, not just for us for everyone else, like animals," says the Scouts.

The mayor of Marina, Bruce Delgado, was also helping out at the event and intends for these trees to be in the community for hundreds of years.

"This is a wonderful way for families, children, different generations to come together. The ones who plant trees today, they will be establishing their own family tree and they can come back and see their tree over decades and multiple generations. They can see their tree grow for the next 200 years," says Delgado.

The Girl Scouts are responsible for watering and taking care of the plants for the next two years.

In total, the girls planted around 24 trees around the sports complex.

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Stephanie Aceves

Stephanie Aceves is a multi-media journalist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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