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Family pet killed in Salinas dog attack


SALINAS, Calif. (KION) A family is warning other pet owners to be on the look out after they said their dog, Buddy, was attacked and killed by an off-leash dog last week in Salinas.

The family said they were walking Buddy last Thursday near Tuscany Blvd and Freedom Parkway when the attack happened around 5:30 p.m.

“Many of us go out for a walk with our dog and we don’t expect for something to attack in that way,” owner Rachel Medina said.

Medina recounted the tragic moments she watched unfold as she was walking Buddy. She first spotted the other dog, off leash, near a fence on Freedom Parkway with its owner.

“The man said, pick up your dog,” she said.

But everything happened pretty quickly after that. Medina said the white pitbull got loose. Moments later, she said the dog bit Buddy on the mouth and started to tear his stomach, even knocking over Medina as she tried to help.

The family told KION the dog that attacked theirs was aggressive and off leash. They’re concerned for the safety of other neighbors and their dogs that come through this area if the dog returns.

The family says the owner left the scene without leaving any information.

Buddy’s injuries were so bad, the family had to put him down.

“Every owner knows their dog. If the man knew his dog was egressive, he should have brought him on a leash,” Medina said.

Many people come to the area to walk their dogs, run or exercise with their kids. It’s also located near a school, which concerns Medina and her family.

Now, they’ve sent out flyers on social media about the attack, hoping for answers and warning neighbors to make sure what happened to them, doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Local ordinances require dogs to be kept on a leash, but there are some challenges with holding owners accountable in situations like this.

“If we don’t witness the dog running at large, we cannot issue a citation for that,” Animal Control Officer Silvia Camacho said. “If there is an incident where the dog is without a leash and there was a dog attack or animal bite, its up to the victim if they want to press charges.”

Officer Camacho said she tries to talk first with the owner and give them a leash if she sees a dog on the loose.

But dog owners could face a citation of $100 for the first offense, $200 for the 2nd, $500 for the third or a criminal citation if it continues.

If you or your dog is involved in a dog attack and need help, call 911 in an emergency, or if you’d like to report a dog off leash call Salinas PD’s non-emergency number at 831-758-7321.

For more information on Salinas animal ordinances, click here:

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Elisha Machado

Elisha Machado is a weekend anchor and multi-media journalist at KION News Channel 5/46.



  1. Same old BS story over and over. Pit bull kills another animal or person, and all the pit bull defenders come out to tell us how wonderful and sweet the killers are. Emphasis on BS.
    Just make them illegal and get over it. Guns are controlled due to their lethality. Why are pit bulls any different? The $100 rule etc is a joke.

  2. You can’t make everything illegal. But you can work up ways to cite owners and take dogs from them if they refuse to comply with the law. There is, unfortunately, a great bit of lag time between the time you call for animal control and the time they arrive. My attitude is that it will take a long time for animal control to arrive, if for no other reason than that they aren’t trained, equipped, or authorized to respond to anything code three. However, pepper spray often works, and 10 millimeter will arrive in a nanosecond!

  3. @Fred
    I agree. Pepper spray works. Firearms work.
    I still do not understand why pit bulls are legal.
    They kill and maim. My point was that I am tired of their defenders and their forever excuses defending pit bulls.

    1. Last time a dog attacked my little Corgi mix, he was put down the very next day. At least the owner was decent enough to pay the vet bills and put his dog down the next day. Specifically, it was carted off to a restaurant and eaten by a bunch of old school drunk Koreans and when they kill those dogs, it dies a horrific death. They tie it up by it’s rear legs and beat it to death to make the adrenaline flow through it’s body. I know that sounds horrible but my dog had a dime sized fang scar and was paralyzed for two weeks afterwards. Kind of hard to feel pity for a dog that is capable of doing that to a dog 1/5 it’s size. It got exactly what it dished out. The point is, they should have not let that dog owner just walk away. Cite the owner and put down the dog.

      1. Dogs don’t know any better. I’ve never met one that had even gone to kindergarten. Humans do, however, and the jerk that had the dog certainly knew the dog’s personality. He told the other dog owner to pick up his/her dog, when he was the problem, not the smaller dog. He should have muzzled his dog before taking it out, should never have had it off leash, and actually seems like some sort of fake badass. I’d think it would be time to do some investigation and find him and his dog. A civil suit is definitely in order. So is some sort of restraining order re how he walks his dog.

    2. The defenders are right in one regard. The dogs, if raised properly are probably no more violent than other dogs raised the same way, although there is one problem with dogs like that. Their jaws are like vices….they clamp down, won’t let go and they just tear into you. I have been lucky here in the states. So far the only attacks that happen I was able to grab up my dog or in one case I was able to bluff the German Shepard into breaking off it’s attack. I just raised up my arms and yelled GET BACK IN YOUR YARD!!!! The dog stopped in its tracks and gave me that “hmmm that human seems just a tad serious” look. Hey…how is it going Fred and Jalbert?

      1. Going well,at least for me. I’m not in favor of banning anything, if for no other reason than it never works. That having been said, I left out the fact that if you are not really familiar and well trained with firearms, the odds are that you’ll hit everything except your target. One thing I’ve heard of that supposed to be really effective is a highway flare. It’s fairly easy to carry with you, can be used as a club, some have spikes on one end and will work as a stabbing implement, and, if you have to ignite it, will be totally frightening to humans or dogs. They hurt like hell if you touch the flames, they often hiss loudly, and being stabbed with a spike hurts also. If necessary, you can use it on the owner if he or she gets upset. And it’s legal to carry around. Even if you’re a convicted felon. Even better, some are two feet long or more. I’ve never used one to fight off a dog, but I’ve been told that it works and it’s innocuous.

      2. Another problem is that very few people know what a pit bull really is or what it looks like. Suits have been filed and won against cities who’ve passed ordinances and seized dogs only to find out that what they seized was an “American bulldog” or a Staffordshire Terrier.

  4. I hate this comment software. LOL
    I am well.
    PS, banning things works. Look at machine guns 🙂
    Road flares? I’ll stick with firearms. I’m trained, and can’t concern myself with those who aren’t.
    Same with driving a car. 🙂
    Anyone have a time machine to go back to about 1962?

    1. I am working on the time machine but my son pointed out a very real concern. If you don’t get the temporal conversion right, you miss the earth and you find yourself at the right time, but the wrong place and you suffocate in space. GPS can get you within a few meters but the more time goes by, the more that error increases. I may have to consult God on this one…he seems to be very good at being everywhere at all times.

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