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Carmel High School considers changing mascot

carmel high school padres

CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA, Calif. (KION) The "Padre" has been the mascot of Carmel High School since it was founded 80 years ago, but now the school is considering a change.

Principal Jonathan Lyons says that conflicting views of the mascot's iconography have been brought to their attention, and several petitions have circulated calling for a change. Since then, Lyons says school officials and the Governing Board have heard from students and alumni on both sides of the conversation, and it has decided to form a Mascot Study Group.

The group will include representatives from the student body, staff or faculty and alumni from different time periods, and they will publish a report on the relationship they have with the mascot and how it embodies their beliefs about Carmel High School.

Applications for the group will be made public and reviewed by Lyons, the CHS Activities Director and the Carmel Unified School District Superintendent. The final group will include 15 to 25 members. Half will be students, 20% will be staff, 20% will be alumni and 10% will be outside academic representation, such as a history faculty member from a local college.

Once the group is selected, they will begin reviewing literature about the "Padre" figure to determine whether it reflects the values and mission of the school, supports inclusion of all students and whether it is a unifying mascot the school community can support.

When the group comes to a conclusion, it will share its findings and recommendation with the school district office for review. If the district decides the review is valid, it will be submitted to the Governing Board for approval, denial or a request for clarification.

The group will only recommend whether the mascot should be changed, not alternatives.

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Avery Johnson

Avery Johnson is the Digital Content Director at KION News Channel 5/46.


1 Comment

  1. Well, since ‘no one has commented yet’…allow me.
    We all know how this is going to end up. The God-haters, anti-Christians, anti-religion and other whiners, will eventually eliminate the Padre mascot. Does not take a genius to figure that out.
    But it will happen more slowly, so people do not rise up and fight back. And some stupid meaningless mascot will be chosen. A pine cone, an otter, a seal.
    Personally, I see no reason for mascots at all. But, getting rid of the Father Serra statue in Carmel, or the Padres mascot, would be like taking Martin Luther King’s name off of schools and streets, because who was a serial adulterer. Which history says he was. Would someone perfect please stand up. No one? Oh, wait, one man, Jesus. But his name on a public school would not fly either. So, the groups and other weenies will meet and discuss and bore us to death, and then the kids in Carmel High will become known as the Carmel High Texters.

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