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Homeowners in Pacific Grove mobile homes file lawsuit against the city



The Monarch Pines Homeowners Association has filed a lawsuit against the City of Pacific Grove. Homeowners of the cooperative say they feel harassed by the city because of the number of attempts at reexamining their mobile home’s zoning.

The issue was most recently brought up during a virtual city council meeting on July 1. However, the city took no action.

Mayor Bill Peake tells KION, “The city has no intention of rezoning Monarch Pines. It is currently zoned M-H (Mobile Home Park), the entire parcel and this is no plans to change that rezoning at all."

Resident Gary Mello says that’s a result of their lawsuit.

“The city’s been saying that for at least the last five years,” said Mello. “It’s been extremely tormenting to the resident in this community and had we not filed the lawsuit it would continue.”

Residents say they remain uneasy and are seeking some sort of declaratory and injunctive relief.  

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