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Man attacked by dog in Santa Cruz Ace Hardware


SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KION) The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter is searching for a woman and her dog after, they say, the animal attacked a man in an Ace Hardware, last Monday.

Shelter officials say the customer was shopping at the Ace Hardware on Soquel Avenue and Seabright Avenue when the dog bit his hand, degloving it. The dog was reported to be off-leash.

"To have a man's hand bitten off is really awful," said Santa Cruz resident, Leslie Fix.

The Santa Cruz County Animal has identified owner of the dog as Hope Parks. Officials say her dog is named "Teddy Bear."

Officials say the dog has been known to bite before and is a serious safety risk to the community.

"When it's a business, the dog should either be left outside, or on a leash inside, because it's such a closed area," said Santa Cruz resident, Anthony Bryant.

Anyone with information on Parks and the dog's whereabouts are encouraged to call 831-454-7226.

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Megan Meier

Megan Meier is a multi-media journalist at KION News Channel 5/46.



  1. The system knew it was a danger and had bitten before. So how many bites and injuries does it take before a dog is dealt with or is a point system? It takes 5 hands or feet bites and maybe a disfigured child to warrant action being taken? Is hope homeless? Does she have an address you can just drive up to and get the dog?

    “The Santa Cruz County Animal has identified the suspect as Hope Parks and her dog “Teddy Bear.””

    Probably should read: The Santa Cruz Animal Control has identified the suspect as Teddy Bear and his owner Hop Parks. It’s an elderly lady, we ain’t doing nothing to her, she just needs to have her dog dealt with and maybe get her a tea cup Chihuahua, really any breed she can control, if she has lost her ability to control or won’t control, then I guess having pets is not in he cards. Any family around to help out and get her the comfort animal she wants and needs?

    1. @ Frankie

      “we ain’t doing nothing to her” Probably should read” WE are not going to do anything to her” I just did a double negative or commonly referred to as a din do.

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