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Roundabout project in Salinas approved, still waiting for funding



There is still some time and a couple hurdles before a long-anticipated road project is complete.

The Boronda Road Congestion Relief Project is surely going to bring some much needed relief for the busy Salinas roadway.

"The project was approved in it's entirety on the 10th," says Josie Lantaca, the Assistant Engineer with the City of Salinas.

the Boronda Road congestion relief project is expected to begin next year.

It includes the widening of Boronda Road into a four-lane roadway, two lanes at each direction.

It also includes the construction of roundabouts at the following intersections: McKinnon Street, El Dorado Drive, Natividad Road, and Independence Boulevard.

Now it's a waiting game for funding until the project begins on the first of three phases.

Phase 1 will build the McKinnon roundabout along with widening the roadway from about Dartmouth Way to between McKinnon Street and El Dorado Drive.

"At this point, just for the phase one, the preliminary estimate is $13.6 million," says Lantaca.

Phase 2 will continue the road widening plus the roundabouts at El Dorado Drive and Natividad Road.

Phase 3 will complete the project including the construction of the roundabout at Independence Boulevard.

Estimates for those phases haven't been completed yet, but construction is slated for 2022.

"Hoepfully it be next year, early part of next year, probably around spring, but it is also contingent on funding… the project being fully funded," says Lantaca.

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Max Tarlton

Max Tarlton is a morning anchor at KION News Channel 5/46.



  1. 10’s of millions of dollars for roundabouts in a city that has turned into a gang crime sewer. The supervisors and city council are obviously in some kind of brain coma. Hires a few dozen more police and buy some more cars and some prosecuting attorneys who will put gangster away for any infraction. Salinas needs cleaned up. Improving Salinas by spending millions on roundabouts instead of police is like treating cancer by getting some Botox shots to be prettier.

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