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YCMA program helps students during distance learning days


Fall break is around the corner for some students and they will get to enjoy some time away from their virtual learning responsibilities.

We recently checked in with the YMCA of the Monterey Peninsula. Where staff feels they have really gotten a handle of things during this pandemic. They currently have space for children if parents need a place to turn to. They also have a program called "Excel beyond the Bell," to help students during with their remote learning and provides physical activities for them.

"It takes everyone to chime in and support each other,” said Robin Schnekenburger.

Parents could also be feeling exasperated, having to monitor their students, while many parents work from home. The YMCA has been a space for parents to rely on. Some kids are dropped off in the morning, assisted with their distance learning. Students like Mieka, who just turned eight, have someone to sit down and help with her favorite subject

Others, like Luke, who is also eight-years-old, go for the fun activities. Things that he says he doesn't get to do at home.

“We want make sure we do arts and crafts, we wanna make sure we do our enrichment, our steam, we gotta make sure we do physical activities,” said Schnekenburger.

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