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The Dry? Winds Of Spring

Cooler temperatures are expected as we head into the weekend.
High pressure will weaken in the coming days and retreat to the southwest. A weather system passing by to our north will send gusty winds into the region into Friday as a cooler, dry air mass filters in. Fire danger will be elevated, especially for the inland hills. Surface winds will then weaken by Saturday, allowing a more stable but shallow marine layer to develop on the coast. This will lead to cooler temperatures for coastal cities and some low cloudcover/fog returning. Conditions even out next week with more seasonable weather expected. However, building high pressure will allow for some heat inland, especially on Tuesday of next week.


… for the near coastal waters from Pigeon Point to Point Piedras Blancas extended until 3AM Friday.

*Northwest winds 20 to 35 kt with gusts up to 45 kt expected and seas 8 to 14 feet at 19 seconds.

*Strong winds will cause hazardous seas which could capsize or damage vessels and reduce visibility.

Mariners should alter plans to avoid these hazardous conditions. Remain in port, seek safe harbor, alter course, and/or secure the vessel for severe conditions.

… for the eastern hills of Santa Clara County through 2PM Friday.

*Northerly winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph expected. Gusts could reach speeds over 50 mph at the uppermost elevations.

*Dry, gusty winds will result in near critical fire conditions, power outages, down tree limbs, and blowing debris. (Per NWS Bay Area)

Residents of Santa Clara County should secure any loose objects outdoors to prevent wind damage, and use extra caution when driving. Have an emergency plan in place in case of fires.

Overnight: Mostly clear skies with a few thin, high clouds passing through. Gusty winds over the hills and on the exposed coast and occasionally gusty elsewhere. Lows in the mid 40s to low 50s for most areas. Dry.

Friday: Mostly sunny with a few high, thin clouds passing through. Cooler, but still warm for this time of year for most areas. Expect highs in the 60s to mid 70s on the coast—warmest on the north side of the bay—and 70s-80s inland. Gusty winds at times, easing after dark.

Saturday: Cooler across the board with some low cloudcover/fog returning to the coast. Highs in the upper 50s to 60s on the coast and upper 60s to low 80s inland. Breezy at times, especially later in the day with winds returning to the valleys in the early evening.
 A bit cooler and cloudier on the coast Sunday, though inland areas will edge warmer. Then all areas will experience a warming trend through Tuesday. Inland areas will likely see 90s, but winds will remain onshore at the coast.

This week's normal temperatures:

LOW: 50ºF
HIGH: 67ºF

LOW: 47ºF
HIGH: 76ºF


-The outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for May 27th –  June 2nd calls for the likelihood of near normal temperatures and near normal precipitation.
- El Niño/La Niña STATUS: La Niña Advisory
- Forecast: Weak La Niña into the Fall

-Area drought status: “
Severe Drought” for most of the viewing area with the far eastern fringes of Santa Benito and southeastern corner of Monterey County in “Extreme Drought.”

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Dann Cianca

Dann Cianca is the chief meteorologist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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