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Effects of distance learning on students and tutors

distance learning

SALINAS, Calif. (KION) As many school district's move forward with beginning the school year with distance learning, many parents have been concerned about a lack of hands-on learning and a shortage of social interaction with other students.

"I think it was a very wise decision that we started doing distance learning," says Dr. Christopher Carpenter, Chief of staff at Natividad.

Not only are schools adjusting, but learning centers across the country have changed how they are tutoring students as well.

"We are able to maintain some of the educational standards, but really it's that day to day interaction with your teachers, with your peers, where kids, that's really where they thrive," says Dr. Carpenter.

Sylvan Learning Center in Salinas had 80 students enrolled the day before the state-wide lock-down went into effect back in March. Now, only 26 students are receiving tutoring services and about a dozen people have enrolled for the upcoming school year.

"We're going to be open all day to take on small groups.. .and help parents make sure they're online," says Sylvan Learning Executive Director Cary Swensen.

Educators at Sylvan Learning center attribute the low enrollment to the pandemic's social distancing guidelines and parents being unsure of what to do as the school year approaches.

In the meantime, Sylvan has limited it's in-person capacity and has started taking the temperatures of people who enter the building. They've also moved to distance tutoring online with a more one-on-one approach.

Sylvan is working on ways to help families during the upcoming school year who have difficult schedules and are unable to facilitate at-home distance learning.

""we have the physical space and we can keep the social distance and we can keep it safe, but they can be here," says Swensen.

Dr. Carpenter has some advice for people coping with limited interactions.

"Trying to maintain those social interactions with their peers whether that is through school type activities or zoom play-dates or video game play-dates i think this is the time to really get creative and really try to do your best to keep your kids emotionally and socially engaged," says Dr. Carpenter.

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