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Sky-high gas prices in one Monterey County town

Gas prices are skyrocketing across the Central Coast, but one Monterey County town may have some of the highest prices in the country.

“Highway robbery,” said Leo, a gas station employee in Gorda.

The gas prices in Gorda, two hours south of Salinas, are nearly $7.00 a gallon right now! Gorda is located off Highway One along the Big Sur Coast.

Leo told KION they have to keep generators on all night and have no choice but to keep those prices.

The high prices hit tourists by surprise.

“Very expensive right, we fill up our car for $4.89 and here it is $6.59,” said Daniel visiting from Brazil.

Compare the prices in Gorda which are over $6.50 a gallon to the 7-Eleven gas station off Sanborn Street in Salinas. Drivers can find gas there for just under $4.00 a gallon.

KION546 News Team


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