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Monterey County Sheriff train new horses in SoCal

NORCO, Calif. (KION) Monterey County Deputies were out in Norco last week along with other agencies across California and Arizona to train on horseback. The Sheriff Department shared a recap of their time at the Advance Mounted Patrol School in Norco where deputies from the Mounted Unit worked on sharpening their riding and equitation skills.

According to the Sheriff's Department, the horses participated in multiple relay races and finished ahead of the pack. They were also exposed to many sensory items like wood bridges, dragging items, road flares, fireworks, shooting off their backs, and scenario training.

One of their horses, Ace, added new skills from last year's training and their newest horse, Blondie, apparently "exceeded expectations."

Blondie was a wild Mustang in Three Fingers, Oregon and was trained at 2 years old. Now, at 5 years old, she has quite a social media following. She's been with the station for a little over a month. If you see her patrolling, Monterey County Sheriff Department encourages you to stop and say hi.

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  1. @Melody
    “Monterey County Sheriff train new horses in SoCal” Somebody is messing up the verb tenses in headlines lately. Sheriff is singular. Train, is plural. Either ‘train’ needs to become ‘trains’….or, ‘Sheriff’ needs to become ‘Sheriffs’.

    1. I think they must be short on staffing because I have seen a lot of errors. Everyone makes mistakes of course (don’t we know) but the lack of time needed to review and edit is evident.

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