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Free METRO rides in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Clean Air Day

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KION) For California Clean Air Day, Santa Cruz Metro is offering to cover metro fares all day Wednesday, Oct. 6 across the county. Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (METRO) partnered with the Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce to reduce the pollution in the air and address community health concerns related to air quality.

Over 650,000 people participated in 2019, and the county expects, even more, will participate in 2021. No additional steps are required for the free ride, however, you can participate in a pledge.

Whether it's switching out your gas-powered tools for electric ones or planting a tree, you can take a pledge here by selecting ways you plan to help clean the air.

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  1. Surprisingly I have done about half those recommended things. I don’t have gas powered tools, all electric, a christmas tree I planted 7 years ago is doing well and price of gas has definitely reduced how much I drive. I have a small but automated solar system in my home. I have found that saving myself money seems to reduce my carbon footprint as well.

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