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Monterey County to extend the Shelter in Place, includes eased restrictions

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The Monterey County Health Department issued a new Shelter in Place (SIP) order, Friday, reflecting new changes at the state and local level.

It will be effective once the state approves and posts Monterey County's variance attestation form, which allows the county to move further into stage two of the state's reopening "roadmap".

Until the new order is in effect, the May 1st and 8th orders are still in place. you can find them here.

You can track the state attestation forms here.

The new SIP is open-ended to reflect the state's Stay at Home order.

The new order is intended to put Monterey County in line with what is allowed under state guidelines. It says that once the state approves certain businesses and activities in stages two, three and four, they will be allowed in Monterey County without modifications to the local SIP order.

In-store shopping and religious gatherings, under strict guidelines, have already been approved in the county, but once Monterey County has its attestation approved by the state, more stage two businesses like barber shops, hair salons, along with dine-in restaurants will be allowed.

Monterey County submitted the attestation to the state on Tuesday. Friday, the county said the state followed up with a couple questions which they were able to answer. The county did not clarify what those state questions were.

Other restrictions/guidelines still in place, once the new order is in effect:

  • Businesses must post a "social distancing protocol" at the front and make it easily viewable
  • Lodging restrictions per a May 3rd order
  • Social distance requirements, including face coverings and six-feet separation from people outside your household or living unit.

This is a developing story.

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