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Is it worth getting an additional Covid-19 vaccination?


SALINAS, Calif. (KION) -- With recently discovered variants of the Coronavirus, people are questioning if their vaccine is enough.

There's still so much health experts don't know about the Covid-19 variants and how they respond to vaccinations. However local doctors say if you're not vaccinated, do so to make sure you're protected.

Gary wrote in to Message Max asking:

"If one is fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine would getting vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine offer any more protection?"


This is a growing concern after the Delta variant was discovered. Doctors have suggested it's more transmissible.

It's not known exactly why it's more transmissible, but data suggests it's better at replicating in our cells than other variants.

Director of infectious disease at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Mahendra Poudel MD, says there's no need to get another vaccine.

"There's really no recommendation in terms of do you need the third dose or booster or different type of vaccine. You don't need it. You're fully protected," says Poudel.

Dr. Poudel says the big question is about people who received their first dose of a vaccine that is not offered here in the United States.

Experts are still figuring out of the ones that are, which vaccination is best to recieve for their second dose.

"They're looking at these people to get mRNA vaccine like Moderna or Pfizer as their second dose and if it's effective, if it's safe?"

Poudel says if you have a weakened immune system, it's best to still wear a mask and practice social distancing.

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