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Questions about inaccurate Covid-19 tests

Covid Testing

PRUNDALE, Calif. (KION) For Prundale resident Patrick, the coronavirus has been a big concern. His wife, who wants tor remain anonymous, has a medical condition making her more susceptible to the virus.

So, when Patrick came down with a few symptoms including a sore throat and pain when breathing, he says he was tested at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital.

The results came back negative, but his symptoms persisted. He says he then went to his Ear Nose and Throat physician, where he was tested again. This time, his results came back positive.

When his wife went to get tested at Standford because of his result, Patrick was tested again, but says this time the results were negative.

His wife says her tests came back negative both times she was tested.

This led to Patrick and his wife's concern about what test to believe, and if his symptoms were not Covid-19, what were his symptoms?

KION has reached out to the Monterey County Health Department about what do do in situations where you may be experiencing a false positive, or inaccurate results, but have not yet heard back.

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