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5 candidates running for California Assembly District 30

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif.(KION-TV) - California’s June primary is fast approaching. Five candidates are in the race for California’s Assembly District 30.

KION spoke to each candidate about the issues they’re looking to tackle if elected into office.

Candidates told KION there are number of items they want to get to, such as housing, homelessness and public safety.

KION asked each candidate what issue they would like to take on first if elected.

“I would say one of the major issues is trying to bring people together about housing,” said Zoe Carter. “Also getting more resources for mental health is a hugely important issue to me, too.”

“I am optimistic that getting in there day one. I'm going to be able to make change for our district and to really represent what's needed across this district,” said Dawn Addis. “One of the things that we talked about is housing and homelessness, and that's right there at the top of the list.”

“Housing and homelessness being really like the core issue that I'm really focused on. You know, if I could only pick one thing, that would be the area that I would specialize in,” Jon Wizard. “But there are so many different ways to get at this problem. But I really think that the um, that sort of the meat on the bone there is the missing middle housing.”

“I see so many bills and policies that get passed and that we have all the unintended consequences and we're going back to fix them like Proposition 47 for one. But that was passed by the people,” said Vicki Nohrden. “We need to go back and really take a look at it as well. So I find that we need to take our time. Another issue would be the closing of Diablo Canyon down in San Luis Obispo County.”

“Housing is the top priority for the state of California. Since 2010, we have created over 600,000 new jobs in the state of California, but we have only created around 200,000 new homes,” SAID John Drake. “80% of those homes were single family units and 90% of them were luxury real estate, meaning like second or third homes. We're simply not keeping up with demand.”

KION asked the candidates what are some community efforts that they’ve spearheaded or have been involved that would help them in this position if elected into the State Assembly.

“I still work in the largest school district in the Assembly District,” said Addis. “Serving a variety of families across 15 different school sites. My career has been about public service, I am also a Morro Bay City Council member.”

“I worked on Monterey County Reads. I worked on a couple of programs with the Business Council,” said Carter. “We've done several beach cleanups and school book drives for children with the Monterey Peninsula Young Professionals Group. We did some toiletry drives for homeless women. I'm also a member of the Junior League and I've done some really interesting programs and projects with them too.”

“Seaside has roughly 60 percent renters and we were really concerned that a lot of folks would get pushed out onto the street before the state and the federal government came through with the rent relief programs,” said Wizard. “We worked on creating this eviction moratorium and I worked with the city manager.”

“I've been really involved in mental health and drug addiction,” said Nohrden. “I've worked on campuses. I brought no bullying programs. So I'm really concerned about our community, how we get along together, how we work together, how we represent our community.”

“I am actively looking up city council meetings and planning departments about where funds can be reallocated into certain programs,” said Drake. “I was just involved in a Green Energy Transportation Initiative where we were sort of briefed on what the the coming goals are. I love this sort of stuff. I think it's important. I think it's vital.”

When asked what messages the candidates had for their constituents, this is what they had to say:

“We have an opportunity to see some change in California right now,” said Norhden. “We have had a trifecta of government at every level. The governor, the House, and the Senate have all been ruled by one party. I think we have seen what that has really created for California. If we want diversity and we want opportunity, then I think that we need to think a little differently.

“I encourage people to reach out to me. We answer every single email, we answer every single phone call that comes our way,” said Addis. “I would encourage people to get to know me and to get to know our campaign and what we're representing. Democracy works when we show up to make sure that it works.”

“I'm a thoughtful leader who cares deeply about her community and wants to leave the place where she lives and loves better than when she found it,” said Carter. “I think that part of our country, what makes it great, is that we have competitive elections. I'm really honored to be able to do this.”

“It's important to vote, look at the issues, ask questions and dig a little bit deeper than just what's on the surface,” said Wizard. “Ask for the details behind that behind the sound bite.”

“My message to my constituents or constituents in general is vote for who you believe in,” said Drake. “Vote for who you will have faith will uphold your values and fight for your interests and not succumb to the corporate interest or glamor that comes with being a public official on a state level.”

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