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CHP confirms deadly crash involving 4 cars on Blanco and Armstrong

SALINAS, Calif. (KION) UPDATE Oct. 21, 2021 10:48 p.m.

A driver, who was seen driving recklessly moments before crashing lost his life today. The wreck involved four cars on West Blanco Road and Armstrong Road in Salinas.

According to officer Jessica Maduendo, the reckless driver drove directly into an SUV. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene and the SUV driver was transported to a nearby hospital for major injuries. Blanco road was closed at Davis Avenue and cars coming from Marina to Salinas on Blanco Road were diverted to Hitchcock road. The road has since reopened. However, there are fears of this happening again on this busy stretch of Blanco.

"We are driving here double yellow lines. You do not want to ever change lanes with double yellow lines. For a reason shoulders aren't wide enough. There aren't other areas where vehicles can move to avoid any type of kind of oncoming hazard and in this case it was a vehicle," Officer Maduendo said.

Officer Maduendo added that drivers should always drive the speed limit, never not cross lanes over yellow lines, always wear your seat belt and be patient to avoid these types of incidents.

PREVIOUS STORY: California Highway Patrol confirmed there was a deadly crash on W. Blanco Road and Armstrong Road in Salinas.

Four cars were involved. CHP said the driver at fault was driving recklessly and died in the crash.

Blanco Road is closed at Davis Avenue. Cars coming from Marina to Salinas through Blanco Road will be diverted to Hitchcock Road.

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Melody Waintal

Melody Waintal is the Digital Content Director at KION News Channel 5/46.



  1. I don’t wish for anyone to die, but in a situation like that crash, please let the person that caused the crash, be the one that died. It would appear that is the case. So many times you hear about crashes like this and the idiot that caused the crash gets to live while the innocents die.

  2. Such an unnecessary tragedy.
    There’s road delays because of caltrans work.
    Please leave the house earlier and don’t be in a hurry.
    It’s so saddening to see another roadside demise in Salinas.

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