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Semi-truck rear-ends a car and collides into incoming traffic in fatal crash in Watsonville

WATSONVILLE, Calif. (KION) A semi-truck swerved headfirst into a 2018 Mitsubishi Fuso after rear-ending a 2019 Dodge Durango on Friday.

According to California Highway Patrol, the incident started when the 30-year-old driver from Firebaugh in the Dodge was slowing down on the eastbound State Route 129 when traffic picked up west of Old Chittenden Road. The 50-year-old Salinas driver in the Freightliner crashed into the Dodge in front, sending it into a cement wall.

Despited attempting to dodge the car, the truck swerved into the westbound lane on SR129 running headfirst into a 44-year-old from Prunedale in a Mitsubishi who was coming from the opposite direction. The 44-year-old driver died on the way to Natividad Medical Center from the crash.

The cause of the collision is still under investigation, but CHP said alcohol or drugs don't appear to be a factor in the collision.

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Melody Waintal

Melody Waintal is the Digital Content Reporter at KION News Channel 5/46.



  1. Tragic, but that is often the way it turns out. You try to avoid a rear end collision and then hit a car or other vehicle head on coming from the other direction, which in many cases multiplies the speed of the collision by 2.

  2. Well, the cause is obvious. Truck was either going too fast, following too closely, texting or asleep. All resulting in the same outcome. People think big rig drivers are infallible. Some time spent watching their antics on YouTube will quickly dispel that misconception.

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