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Some Boulder Creek families return home and others pick through what’s left of it

Boulder Creek family returns to home reduced to rubble

BOULDER CREEK, Calif. (KION) More evacuations were lifted Wednesday afternoon, and Thursday morning many families in Boulder Creek returned home.

On Lake drive near the Boulder Creek Golf Course, homeowners were left with very different tasks.

Several homes were destroyed on the street. The Vogel family rummaged through what was left of their property to see if any valuables survived.

“There’s been a couple little treasures we’ve found, which is surprising,” Karin Vogel said.

Vogel spotted some pottery from her niece that survived and some jewelry that wasn't burned.

The last five homes at the end of the block were destroyed.

Across the street, Mark Ferreri and his wife returned to their house that is unscathed.

“It's unbelievable that what? 20-30 feet, and that street is the difference between our house being there and theirs not,” Ferreri said.

Mark and his wife returned home to their cat, that survived three weeks alone, and a smoky smelling house. However, he has a hard time stomaching what he feels looking across the street.

“It’s not my house, but we’ve been neighbors with them for 25 years. You just get a little choked up about their loss,” Ferreri said.

Amid the devastation, the Vogel's are finding the positives where they can and are now preparing for the future.

“Rebuilding eventually here and getting our lives back on track,” Vogel said.

Karin said that she wishes they had taken the evacuation warnings more serious and packed bags with all their valuables.

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Drew Andre

Drew Andre is a multi-media journalist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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