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Salinas teacher makes distance learning a family affair



Over the summer, a Bardin Elementary School Teacher mastered remote learning and is encouraging teachers to be optimistic as educators return to “distance learning.”

Back in March Mr. Ben Cogswell realized he needed a platform to connect with his students. The kindergarten teacher is a former technology coach and has poured all he knows into his virtual learning social media account.

On Facebook he has countless videos for children, which initially started as a story time for children and has flourished into so much more.

Despite the limitations and the lack of face-to-face interactions, Mr. Cogswell is starting the year motivated and reminds people that “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.”

“I feel like if we keep focusing on what the kids are missing, right, we’re always going to be in this deficit mode. Where if we can think about the strengths. I mean there’s a lot of amazing things that kids are learning in this time. Like how to engage in a video call. Like when you get to the workforce that’s going to be a life skill,” said Cogswell.

The shows have become a family affair and a virtual space that students can count on daily.

What makes these videos so special are his three sons and his daughter who operates the camera. Mom, Jenny, is a music teacher and adds an extra entertainment value.

“It’s just, you know, trying to bring kindness to the world and establish that normalcy that we were talking about because it’s a trying time for all of us emotionally,” said Jenny Cogswell.

Mr. Cogswell also has a website, filled with resources for parents and could use contributions to keep his projects going.

Please visit if you would like to help:

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