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Monterey County bars react to Governor Newsom’s call for closure


MONTEREY, Calif. (KION) Governor Gavin Newsom called for Monterey County bars to shut down operations on Monday.

So, the gates to Fieldwork Brewing Co. were locked on Monday night.

“We don’t make those decisions, and, you know, we’re going to follow whatever orders are there and do it with the most responsibility that we can,” Fieldwork Brewing Co. CEO Barry Braden said.

Fieldwork's primary product is beer, so they closed all operations, aside from take-out and home deliveries.

But The Crown and Anchor, a pub down the street, is a different story. That's because it's also a restaurant. They're required to stop all indoor operations, including bar service, but they can continue outdoor dining.

“We’re doing the best of our ability to cater to what we can do compared to what we used to be able to do,” The Crown and Anchor manager, Ben Lawley, said. 

The owner and employees said they're not surprised restrictions are being rolled out again.

“I’m not happy about it," The Crown and Anchor owner, Tony Deakin, said. "I don’t think anybody’s happy about it at the moment, but it’s a necessity.”

It's a necessity because state and public health officials said that bars are generally louder environments where people are close together and raising their voices. That means they're projecting droplets further, and are more likely to transmit COVID-19.

Residents agreed, saying the days of socializing at bars can wait.

“I’m, like, totally for it," resident Jazmin Rios said. "Of course i’m missing out on fun, but I’m sure it’s going to be fun later on.”

Some of the businesses KION spoke with said they're waiting on the county to release its own statement before they make any adjustments.

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Shannon Longworth

Shannon Longworth is a multi-media journalist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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