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Man who pleaded guilty to poaching-related crimes near Bradley placed on probation, ordered to pay fine

monterey county district attorney
Monterey County District Attorney's Office

BRADLEY, Calif. (KION) A man who pleaded guilty to crimes associated with poaching a trophy bull elk near Bradley was sentenced by a Monterey County judge Thursday.

The man, Ricky Osborn, was placed on probation for three years, was ordered to pay $23,045, was ordered to stay away from the Big Sandy Wildlife Area, will have to take a hunter's safety course, will have to give up his guns, is banned from owning guns for the next ten years, is banned from hunting for three years and will be required to submit to searches by law enforcement without a warrant or probable cause.

The District Attorney's Office says Osborn was hunting with two other people in December on private property and in the Big Sandy Wildlife Area and killed a 3 to 5 year old trophy bull elk. It happened in the winter, so it was a misdemeanor conviction. The DA's Office said Osborn was also hunting without a license, trespassing, using lead ammunition in an area where it is not allowed in order to protect the endangered California Condor and after taking the meat, they said he left the carcass to rot and wasted most of the animal.

Osborn pleaded guilty to a charge for each allegation and a trophy elk enhancement.

An elk is considered a trophy elk when it has six points on each side of its antlers, and when it is taken illegally, it carries a multiplier on penalties in California. They are out of season in the winter because they are most vulnerable during that time, according to the DA's Office. They are considered vulnerable because they undergo large amounts of stress during the rut season and after legal rifle seasons in the fall. The DA's Office said many die of natural causes in the winter because they are weaker.

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