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Locals not surprised slingshot was used in projectile attacks


PRUNEDALE, Calif. (KION) The California Highway Patrol has said it was not a gun used in the projectile attacks, but they weren't specific about what the weapon was until today when they revealed it was a slingshot.

What is typically a child's toy, in the wrong hands a slingshot can be dangerous.

"Slingshots are always obviously they can do damage but for the most part
it's all depends who's behind that slingshot just like a firearm," says Bart Bartoli with Outdoor World Sporting Goods in Seaside.

The California Highway Patrol says Charles Kenneth Lafferty used marbles as the ammo for his attacks which area commonly available in many stores like Outdoor World in Seaside.

Nobody at Outdoor World was surpised to find out the projectile weapon was a slingshot.

"They have enough power to put down a small animal," says Bertoli.

"I'm not all that surprised, I mean slingshots are a pretty powerful device to
throw projectiles," says Francis Davi. "It doesn't surprise me that it's shattering windows let alone causing injuries to people."

We have investigated on Social media and found facebook pages with his pictures. But, on them he refers to himself as Ken Lafferty and appears to be an avid hunter.

The pages also has photos of hunting dogs and birds like pheasants, which are usually hunted and in some cases slingshots and marbles are used.

"How surpising is it to know that marbles were used?," asked KION's Max Tarlton.
"It was marbles?" Davi asked with a laugh. "I'm Not surprised those thing are just as dangerous as any hard projectile."

We asked the workers at Outdoor world and they say there are no restriction as to who can buy slingshots in California.

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Max Tarlton

Max Tarlton is a morning anchor at KION News Channel 5/46.



  1. PS, slingshots are only ‘toys’ if the ones made from some rubber bands and a Y shaped stick 🙂
    For anyone not familiar, stores sell slingshots plenty powerful enough to kill small animals and do serious damage to people.
    The issue with Scum Lafferty, is not what projectile was used or how it was launched, it is the fact that when it hits the windshield of a car traveling at freeway speeds it become lethal, even it just dropped onto a car from an overpass. It is seriously a miracle none of the drivers lost control and crashed. As to ‘motive’, why does every crime need a ‘motive’? A lot of people are just plain sick, literally demonic. Every time this piece of garbage hit a car, he got the ‘thrill’ of seeing HIS work on the news, the feeling of being smarter and superior to other people, and the feeling of some power and authority. I am sure he did not do it because he was in the local auto glass repair business! Let’s not be mislead. The real story to watch is WHO defends him, WHAT his ‘defense’ is, and how hard he is prosecuted by the MoCo D.A. and how tough the judge is willing to be.

  2. I have a pellet gun that can send a PBA Platinum .177 round down range at 1300 feet per second….yes, it can break the sound barrier. Do not underestimate the power and lethal abilities of anything referred to as a “kids toy” I grew up shooting bb guns and pellet guns, although back then they probably could not kill very easily. If this guy had perched on an overpass and sent a marble at a car going 65 + MPH using a wrist rocket, he could have easily killed someone. And if he was shooting at opposing traffic while driving add another 65 + MPH To whatever velocity the wrist rocket produces. This guy needs to charged with multiple counts of attempted murder. This is how scary this guy is. A standard wrist supported sling shot (wrist rocket) can send a projectile down range at up to 1125 FPS and if fired from a vehicle moving 65 MPH at another opposing vehicle travelling at 65 MPH the projectile will hit the other vehicle at a velocity of 1,315 FPS. A standard 9mm Handgun round has a muzzle velocity of 1,260 FPS. This guy was trying to kill people. He needs to be charged with attempted murder.

    1. @Frankie
      Amen ! 100% But, odds are, he won’t be charged with attempted murder because then they might have to ‘prove’ he meant to kill people, and his sleazy defense attorney, whatever scuzzball that is, will argue he was just trying to make a statement and not REALLY hurt anyone. No matter what, this lowlife should never, ever not be behind bars, ever. He was ready, willing and able to kill or maim innocent people in mass numbers, including a school bus full of kids !!!!! It gets me crazy to read about the chicken crap charges in these article, with fines and a few years in prison. I am sure anyone with a brain feels as we do.

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