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Gonzales prepares for next storm after devastating flood


GONZALES, Calif. (KION) Downtown Gonzales businesses were under water, Wednesday night. 

"I heard a bang. It was drywall from the roof that actually fell. It was a big piece,” said Manager at El Rinconcito Restaurant, Sigi Coria. 

The rain storm was so powerful that the roof of El Rinconcito Restaurant caved in. “I saw all this water pouring down from the roof. It was coming down really fast,” said Coria. 

The flooding came without warning. Coria said the water rushed past the doors of he and his grandmother’s restaurant. He said nearly half of the floor was filled with water. "I told my grandma, ‘Let's get in the truck and go.' She wanted to keep on sweeping. It's her business. She wanted to keep sweeping out the water. I understand. It's her place, you know?,” said Coria.

The City of Gonzales public works department brought sand bags to businesses in the flood zone. Two days later, crews are still cleaning up the mess left behind.

"I think it was too much water, too fast. I don't think we've had anything like that in the past,” said City of Gonzales public works supervisor, Tiffany Twisselmann. 

Storm drains were gutted of thick mud and debris, Friday. Twisselmann said they want them clean and clear when the next rain falls. “We have been cleaning the storm drains and cleaning leaves off the streets. We are trying to prepare for the next storm,” said Twisselmann. 

Coria hopes to repair his roof before then. If not, he said they will have to close the restaurant until the rain passes. "I'm going get a few more sandbags and put them in the back. We just need to be ready,” said Coria.

The City of Gonzales public works department will offer sand bags throughout the weekend at 201 C Street. 

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Megan Meier

Megan Meier is a multi-media journalist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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