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Four vehicles hit by projectiles near Prunedale, Hollister on Thanksgiving

UPDATE 11/29/2019 5:35 p.m. Alan Jenkins is left without a window after his car was hit with an unknown object long Highway 156 at Cathedral Oak, Thursday night. “The officer was said someone was driving the opposite direction and either threw something or, something happened. We don't know. They’re still trying to figure it out,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins suffered minor cuts to his arms. “It was more disorienting than anything. I guess it's lucky that nothing bad happened,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins wasn’t the only driver targeted in the Prunedale area, Thursday night. California Highway Patrol Officers responded to another vehicle struck by projectiles on Highway 101 near Crazy Horse Canyon. “They were ten minutes apart. Both incidents were in a close proximity. Both incidents are being looked at,” said Officer Tommy Riggin. 

Riggin said the same activity is now happening along Highway 152. Thursday night, one driver was hit while traveling eastbound near Dinosaur Point. Another driver was struck traveling eastbound near El Toro. Both incidents happened just an hour apart from one another.

“We're not able to tell if they're linked or not, however, similar incidents are being reported. We're looking into it and following any leads or witnesses that we can locate,” said Riggin.

So far, no arrests have been made in connection to the attacks. “As the information is coming in, as it's being reported and compiled, we're looking for what we can to see what's going on,” said Riggin.

The California Highway Patrol is asking for the public’s help in the investigation. A $4,000 reward is being offered to anyone who has information that leads to an arrest.

PREVIOUS STORY: A man driving on Highway 156 at Cathedral Oak tells KION that his vehicle was hit by a projectile Thursday night.

The driver said the glass in one of the windows was shattered while he was heading toward San Miguel Canyon Road. The glass cut the driver's arm.

He said a car passed by in the opposite direction when the incident happened.

"It was kind of like a balloon popping… but it sounded a lot louder because I was sitting so close to it," said the driver, Alan Jenkins.

KION is trying to confirm with the CHP whether this is related to the more than 40 projectile incidents that have happened since February.

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  1. It’s insane that they took this long to include the sheriff dept. if they are shooting from a car they’ll wait till night to do it. Flood the area with as many law enforcement as possible. These clowns need to be arrested for attempted murder. Put them behind bars for years.

      1. Well, well, well. My comment I made yesterday on this subject, is ‘awaiting moderation’ until it is ‘approved’. THEN, it might be visible. So, as long as we present no controversy, our posts will be posted.
        And trust me, the post was anything but controversial. All it basically said was it will be interesting to see how seriously the perpetrator(s) of these attempted murders will be handled.
        And the DA will be judged by that by voters.
        So much for free expression.

        1. I suspect that here is a key word detector at work. Could be a bad word, even if it not a bad word. I won’t test my theory in this post, but I will reply back with what I think triggered the moderation.

          1. Nope, that was not it because it immediately posted. I seriously doubt if there is someone just sitting a desk watching our post come through, yet there has to be a reason for the moderation. Are you sure you did not use a cuss word in your post. That seems to be what gets my post moderated and sometimes they never come through. So we might have to start using words like Sh*t and F*ck or Pron Unless they are wise to those variations.

          2. OK…my curse fill post came right through so….maybe content and expressing opinions contrary to KION’s narrative is what draws the Moderation? Or…maybe it is just a random process they use to check if we are being obedient. I have no idea at this point.

  2. @Bleddyn,

    I think the key word was using the name of the DA, and suggesting
    it will be a litmus test in the next election (how the projectile person is handled).
    And yes, I think people actually read the comments. There are so few, it would take
    5 minutes a day. PS, the comment is STILL not posted!

    1. @jalbert222, Cool, I love that some poor sap has to sit there and watch for our post. And even if by chance our post do eventually make it, often the post is history and I don’t even look for the post any more. I think KION is headed in the same direction as KSBW. Just read the news and move on. Which means that without being to express my opinion, I don’t generally have a reason to monitor the news. Or more specifically, if I do have to choose one, who gets my views….KION or KSBW. But….as long as this comment section stays active, I guess KION still gets the nod from me. Besides, I would miss busting all you guys chops. I just wish the rest of you would register and get back to questioning my parentage and general all around shenanigans. Hell at this point I would even welcome a post from Nerf Herder Ryan. And where is AnBe?

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