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Better Ask Barry: Where are the “senior” flu shots?

Here comes flu season. Will you be ready?

The Centers for Disease Control and other health organizations recommend everyone six months and older be vaccinated against the flu.

The numbers show that not everyone follows that advice. Just 45 percent of adults and 63 percent of children get vaccinated, according to the CDC.

Jan Vinson wants a flu shot, but the high-dose vaccine she needs has been hard to find.

“I must’ve called at least six or eight pharmacies in town, and they not only didn’t have it, they didn’t know when they would get more,” said Vinson.

The high-dose vaccine is designed for those who are 65 years and older, who have suppressed immune systems.

Manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur said shipment of its vaccines has been delayed by 3-4 weeks, but “all shipments (would be) completed by the end of November.”

That news came as little comfort to Vinson.

“Oh my goodness, that’s really ridiculous,” she said. “It made me feel isolated and left out, because I couldn’t get the medicine I needed.”

The website “vaccine finder” says most major pharmacies offer high-dose flu shots, but recommends you call ahead to make sure the vaccine is in stock.

“There’s nothing else I can do except wait until somebody’s got some,” said Vinson.

While waiting may be inconvenient, giving up and skipping your flu shot isn’t the answer. The CDC recommends that seniors get a regular vaccination if the specialized products are not available.

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