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Better Ask Barry: When will they cut down the weeds?

The weeds in the median along Blanco Road in Salinas are growing like, well, weeds.

They are dry and brittle, and stretch for about three quarters of a mile between Pajaro and Abbott Streets.

A KION viewer named Henry contacted us, and asked “Who’s supposed to maintain the median, calling the weeds and trash an embarrassment.

Others seem to agree.

“We both travel down this road to catch the 101 to LA. We’re between Monterey and LA, and just all this brush along the side of the road is getting to be an eyesore,” said David Myrick.

There’s also the question of traffic safety. For those turning onto Blanco from side streets, the weeds make it hard to see other cars.

The Monterey County public works department is responsible for road maintenance.

They tell us they’ve been out before and will be back again, but with winter approaching, crews have to prioritize projects.

“We have been out there four times with regard to weed removal this year,” said James Essick, Monterey County road maintenance superintendent. “I know it’s an eyesore. It’s terrible to look at. I hate looking at it, but I’m more concerned, frankly, with potholes and flooding issues that are knocking at our door.”

Everyone, including drivers and county officials, agrees that the weeds on Blanco (and other roads) are an eyesore. For now, however, they’ll take a backseat to tree removal and culvert maintenance ahead of the winter season.

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