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Temperatures Head Upward


High pressure will build in for the remainder of the week, bringing much warmer air to the region. Onshore flow will keep coastal areas temperate, but even they will reach above normal highs by Wednesday. Inland areas may see highs as much as 10-15ºF above normal Thursday/Friday. A weak weather system passes by this weekend, but it will only cool us down a few degrees and add a couple extra clouds to the sky. No rain expected for the next couple of weeks.  


Overnight: Expect partly cloudy skies with some low clouds hugging the hills and fog possible in the valleys. Expect lows in the low 40s on the coast and upper 30s to low 40s inland. Breezy at times.
Tuesday: Becoming mostly sunny with a few low clouds near the coast, a few puffy clouds over the hills, and a couple of thin, high clouds passing through. Warmer, with highs in the upper 50s to upper 60s on the coast—warmest on the north side of the bay—and mid 60s to mid 70s inland. Breezy during the afternoon and early evening.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny with a few high clouds passing through and a few low clouds on the coast. Warmer yet with highs in the 60s to low 70s on the coast—warmest on the north side of the bay—and 70s-80s inland. Breezy for inland valleys in the afternoon and early evening.
 Warming will continue through the end of the week with highs some 5-15ºF above normal—warmest inland—all under mostly sunny skies. It will remain breezy for inland valleys during the afternoons.  

This week's normal temperatures:

LOW: 48ºF
HIGH: 65ºF
LOW: 44ºF
HIGH: 74ºF


-The outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for May 4th – May 10th calls for the likelihood of BELOW normal temperatures and BELOW normal precipitation. 
-El Niño/La Niña STATUS: Weak La Niña
-Forecast into Summer: Neutral

-Area drought status: “
Severe Drought” for Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties, along with northern Monterey, northern San Benito, and far southeastern Monterey Counties. The remainder of Monterey & San Benito Counties are in “Moderate Drought”

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Dann Cianca

Dann Cianca is the chief meteorologist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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