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Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home vandalized

nancy pelosi home vandalized
Maggie VandenBerghe
Nancy Pelosi's Home Vandalized

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KION) An investigation has been launched after spray paint and a severed pig's head were found at the home of U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi Friday.

The San Francisco Police Department has not released any information pertaining to the case, and no one has come forward to claim responsibility.

The graffiti mentions UBI (universal basic income) and the cancelation of rent. As such, investigators think that whoever is responsible could be associated with movements that call for a higher minimum wage and the lowering or abolition of rent.

Pelosi advocated for the passing a bill that would increase the $600 stimulus checks to $2,000 last Monday. 275 members of the House of Representatives voted for the bill and 134 voted against it.

The bill has since been held up in the U.S. Senate by Republican Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell.

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Amelia Rosenberg

Amelia Rosenberg is a weekend producer at KION News Channel 5/46.



  1. @Soylent
    Well, if the person lives in SF, it is a lot easier to find Nancy P’s house than Mitch McConnell’s.
    Especially if you are broke and cannot travel. But the sentiment is still true. And valid.
    Pelosi too waited too long to act. Republicans acted without mercy. All of Congress acted disgracefully. I am certain the members of Congress hope that vandalism is as bad as the anger gets.
    Straving people about the become homeless, by the millions, are nothing to trifle with.

  2. I understand the anger but I don’t think a UBI and no rent can work in an established system. It would be just another way to destroy our economy. Thankfully the vaccine will likely save us from making some really bad, but necessary decisions. We have a vaccine, a new president and a stimulus package. 2021 is off to a good start, it ends well.

  3. @Frankie
    Happy New Year, Franklin!
    We already have UBI’s under other names, like Social Security, Disability Benefits, and a myriad of social programs. 50 years ago, I would agree with you. Today, I don’t. 50 years ago, the measure most company’s used to tout their growth, was their number of employees. Starting with Jack Welch, the demon at General Electric, that trend reversed, as he increased bottom line by destroying employee lives. That trend is now the god-word for the entire tech industry…namely that product success is indirectly measured by how many employees a new software program can eliminate. It is the sole motivator for self driving cars, Carvana, Zillow, the list is endless, as millions become unemployed. The billions of dollars need to be spread around, or you WILL be living in one of those futuristic movies, with the welathy in tall buildings, and the streets nothing but rust and chaos.

  4. @Frankie
    And my apologies for becoming political so early in the morning and early in the year.
    Not sure of which I am more tired…the virus or our corrupt useless Congress.

    1. @Jalbert. Happy New Years too my friend. I would say right now both the virus and political corruption are valid sources of concern, those only being a couple of the problems facing our nation right now.

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