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Multiple COVID-19 vaccination clinics forming in Monterey County


MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. (KION)  Monterey County expects to vaccinate more residents in the next two weeks with a series of clinics.

Natividad Medical Center will be holding a mass vaccination clinic at Everett Alvarez High School on April 10th.

"It is currently open to anyone who lives in the zip codes listed on this site, as well as any other essential workers 50 and up," said, Natividad's Human Resource Manager, Janine Bouyea.

So far about 3,000 residents have scheduled an appointment. Bouyea has been overseeing the hospital's vaccination clinics. According to Bouyea, the hospital had requested more vaccines from the state a few weeks ago to have a mass clinic but was told there were not enough vaccines.

"But in the past two weeks, we've received an extra shipment of Pfizer each week, which is an extra 2200 doses," said Bouyea. "So that allowed us to open it up and do this amount of mass vaccination clinic."

Natividad is expecting to administer 4,100 vaccines per clinic. A total of 8,200 residents are expected to be vaccinated over the weekend.

"Our goal is to again fill the clinics as much as possible," said Bouyea. "And so if individuals have trouble registering, they can always call 211. And they that avenue has been very successful to help people who are struggling with the website to get an appointment."

Mee Memorial Healthcare System will also be holding a vaccination clinic on April 15th, where every Californian 16 and older will be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine. Mee Memorial Healthcare System is expecting to vaccinate another 496 residents that day.

In a statement to KION, they wrote in part, "There are more residents who are signed up so the clinic is almost full but 80 of those residents are 16 years old."

About five thousand appointments are still available for the vaccination clinic held by Natividad. They will also be taking walk-ins if appointments remain available after Friday.

You can make an appointment by clicking here

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