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Construction crew fears they were placed at a Salinas motel housing COVID-positive guests

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Covid-19 virus


A construction crew from Fresno say they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms after staying at a Salinas motel where they were told people infected with the virus were isolating.

Men with the construction crew say they were never informed about sick guest occupying some rooms at the Quality Inn motel on Kern Street before staying there.

These workers said Tuesday, a security guard notified them the motel was housing people who need help isolating.

“No one told us when we checked in or anything, we didn’t see no signs anywhere or haven’t seen any sanitizing stations or anything that tells me be extra careful," says Cesar, one of the construction workers.

Cesar says one of his coworkers went home to Fresno after staying at the motel and fears he may have potentially infected his wife and family who tested positive for COVID-19.

At the moment the County of Monterey says they cannot confirm or deny if the motel in Salinas is being used to house people who need a room to quarantine.

KION has reached out to ask if they had any knowledge of the situation.

The Quality Inn motel office was also contacted, in which they said they did not have COVID positive guests because they do not have the deep cleaning services to do that.

Just around 6 p.m. Tuesday, a Disaster Kleenup Specialists vehicle was on site conducting some deep cleaning.

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Veronica Macias

Veronica Macias is an evening anchor at KION News Channel 5/46.



    1. There not going to tell you which it’s a shame they should warn you then let you decide those people don’t even stay in there rooms there every where not supervised free will anything for money hope your family gets better

  1. @Soylent
    You thought they would not be mixing, because you still think like we all did 50 years ago…that people were a combination of intelligent and moral…until we found out, they’re not. Welcome to the new millennium when the only thing matters is how much money a person makes. When Bill Gates and Tim Cook and Warren Buffet and musicians are the heroes. The County’s hotels and motels are supposed to be serving essential workers only, yet they contain tourists. And gas stations, where people handle pump nozzles, are not even required to put hand sanitizer dispensers out. As the great philosopher George Carlin said, everyone is full of b—s—, everyone.

  2. That Motel, and Motel 6 by Pilot Station is known for prostitutes and homelessness.
    They allow people to stay there who are also known as drug users.
    I used be local in Monterey county.
    I know people that knows the area very well and was told people who are homeless occasionally would stay there or room with others.
    Please get checked. Prayers to you and yours.

  3. Perhaps a charge related to attempted negligent homicide would straighten the motels out…who think it is ok to risk peoples’ live for a few bucks. As far as them being open for homeless, hookers and druggies….DUH…what else is new?????….wow, a dive hotel has low standards. WHO would have thought????

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