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Shooting in Salinas leaves one injured


SALINAS, California (KION)

An 18-year-old man was taken to the hospital Friday tonight after being shot in Salinas.

The shooting happened on the 600 block of Pima Circle at around 8 p.m. Police say the victim was shot in the upper torso but is expected to be okay.

Officers are still searching for a suspect. If you have any information, you’re asked to please call Salinas police.

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Veronica Macias



  1. This makes my point.
    And there were 3 other shots a few days ago.
    4 in one week.
    And these stats will NOT be reported as murders in the ridiculous Salinas count at year’s end.
    Nor will the HUNDREDS of other stabbings and shootings in Salinas MEANT to be murders.

  2. Why should they be reported as murders when they are not? Apparently no one died, and that’s sort of important when determining what is a murder and what is not. Perhaps they were recorded as attempted murder, or as assaults with a deadly weapon, which would be more accurate.

  3. It is important, including in punishment, as someone who aims to kill, should not be rewarded for being a bad shot. The INTENT was to kill. And the punishment for it should be same as murder.
    Why should one person get life in prison, and another 10 years, because a bullet hit a half inch different?
    Each is an equal threat to society.
    That said, I do not care about the ‘punishment’, just the statistics put out by law enforcement to make themselves and city councils look good. It would be FINE to report ‘attempted murders’, but they do not. All they do in Salinas is tout how the murder rate dropped. Making LE look good, and making the Chamber of Commerce happy. Watch this year: They will report maybe 30 murders, and tout how the rate is down. They won’t mention the HUNDREDS of attempted murders, because it is bad for business, bad for real estate values and makes SPD look ineffective.

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