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Monterey Regional Airport reports 95% decrease in business


MONTEREY, Calif. (KION) The Monterey Regional Airport was completely barren, Monday. It's a big change from just a few months ago.

"I went through Denver. It was quite crowded. I saw maybe five people wearing masks," said passenger, Tibby Light, in February.

Now, TSA employees wait around with nearly no one to serve and restaurant tables stay empty. "Car rentals have dropped, parking has dropped and the restaurant has dropped. Everything we did really took a big dive," said Monterey Regional Airport board chair, Mary Ann Leffel.

Leffel said, since March, the airport has lost around 95% of its business. Before the pandemic, they offered over 20 flights each day. Now, only 14 flights are offered each week.

"Most of the airlines have decided to give us one to two flights a day in order to remain as a carrier here," said Leffel.

American, United and Alaska Airlines are still flying out of Monterey.

Staff are now thinking of ways to get back on track as the country begins to reopen.

Last weekend, Leffel said they say around 50 people arrive from Dallas. "That's a good indication that part of the country is starting to move again," said Leffel.

Leffel said they are looking to offer some type of medical screening before boarding and increasing sanitation. "It's a modicum of security to know that the person next to you had the same temperature that you did," said Leffel.

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