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Salmon season brings more fishing boats to the Monterey Bay


MONTEREY, Calif. (KION) -- It's pretty well known that the Monterey Bay is one of the most bio-diverse places with marine life and it's home to the country's largest National Marine Sanctuary.

Laura wrote into Message Max asking:

"There have been many fishing boats on the bay at night in the past few weeks. Can you explain the increase in fishing boats?"

Laura in Monterey

She also asked:

"Should I report dead dolphins left behind from the fishing boats? And to whom?"

Laura in Monterey

According to the US Coast Guard Station in Monterey, there are hundreds of species of catchable fish in the Monterey Bay.
The most popular species for commercial and sport fishing include more than 100 species of rockfish and halibut, market squid, anchovy, and sardine.

"No one is really out for any specific type of fish, unless that type of fish is in season," says Lt. Shane Gunderson with the US. Coast Guard Monterey.

Right now it's salmon season, so you may be seeing more people out on the water.
Anyone who intends to fish out on the bay should be informed about what species they can keep and they should have the proper licenses issued by the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife.
As for reporting dead dolphins or whales, according to the Coast Guard, it's only necessary if it wasn't by natural causes.

"If someone comes across a mammal a marine mammal that may have been taken illegally that can be reported to the california department of fish and wildlife or to -- because we area in the monmterey bay national marine sanctuary - to NOAA as well," says Gunderson.

The Coast Guard says if you come across and injured whale or dolphin, it can be reported to the Marine Mammal Center in Moss Landing.

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