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President Biden unveils “Path Out of the Pandemic” action plan

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WASHINGTON D.C. (KION-TV) -- In an address to the nation on Thursday, President Joe Biden announced a "six-pronged" plan to push for Americans to get fully vaccinated in the fight against COVID-19.

The plan includes six steps:

  • Vaccinating the Unvaccinated
  • Further Protecting the Vaccinated
  • Keeping Schools Safely Open
  • Increasing Testing & Require Masking
  • Protecting Our Economic Recovery
  • Improving Care for those with COVID-19

For "Vaccinating the Unvaccinated," this means companies with 100+ employees would be responsible for making sure their employees are all fully vaccinated or are being tested for the virus regularly.

It also requires employers to provide paid time off for those attempting to get vaccinated, with funding to come from the Department of Labor.

All federal workers and those who are contracted by the federal government would also have to get vaccinated.

According to Biden's plan, "protecting the vaccinated" entails providing easy access to COVID-19 booster shots and making sure Americans know where they can go to get the booster shot.

Some elements of the President's plan are already being implemented by the California Department of Public Health. Some of which deals with vaccination and testing protocols at school districts.

The state has already made it a requirement to have staff fully vaccinated or undergo regular testing. Biden's plan would add that students should be tested regularly as well.

For more on the President's plan, including the efforts to increase testing, masking and improving care for those with COVID-19 click here

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