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Republican recall candidate, Larry Elder, makes a stop in Marina

larry elder

MARINA, Calif. (KION) Radio talk host Larry Elder has appeared as the front runner among republicans in the recall election. On Tuesday afternoon, he made a campaign stop at Marina's Coffee Mia.

Elder has a very different vision for California than Newsom.

During his news conference, Elder talked about a number of issues including wildfires, the importance of school choice - when it comes to mask mandates,  crime in California, and homelessness.

"Gavin Newsom has ordered every state worker who has not been vaccinated to be tested once a week and to wear a face mask at work. Now, think about it, the whole point, I thought behind getting the vaccination is that you’re protected against people who have not been vaccinated, and if you have chosen not to be vaccinated, you’re assuming the risk so you’re telling people who assumed the risk to wear a mask to protect himself or other people who have assumed the risk, that doesn’t make any sense," said Elder.

According to recent polls, 52.7% of Californians are voting to keep Gavin Newsom but if he were to lose the majority, Larry Elder has the highest chance of winning the recall election.

On Saturday, Newsom, while campaigning in Los Angeles, said that these elections are a matter of life and death.

"Before his first cup of tea, he said he will sign an executive order eliminating the mask requirements in our public schools, eliminating the vaccine verification for health care workers. This race is about life and death. It's not exaggerated. This race is about life and death,” said Newsom.

Last year was a devastating year for the central coast with fires like the CZU, Dolan, Carmel, and River fires. When asked what he would do to alleviate these problems, he offered all the ways that Newsom failed saying superior management is needed but no clear solution was given.

"Gavin Newsom bragged he cleared 90,000 which would have been a drop in the bucket if true but it wasn’t true. He only cleared about 13 percent of what he said,” said Elder.

 Elder also explains how his experience as a radio host has prepared him to be Governor.

“I've been talking and writing about the issues of crime, about the rising cost of living about homelessness, about the fact that people are leaving California for the very first time, for a very long period of time…. and I think I've built up a reputation of honesty and integrity,” said Elder.

The deadline to postmark your mail-in ballot or vote in person is September 14th.

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Veronica Macias

Veronica Macias is an evening anchor at KION News Channel 5/46.


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