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Monterey to consider new housing developments

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MONTEREY, Calif. (KION) Current renters in Monterey know the struggle. "It was pretty difficult finding any affordable housing around here. I live with a roommate. It would've been nice to have a lot more options," said resident, Evin Delrosario.

More options could be coming to Monterey. Proposals to bring three new rental complexes to Monterey have been brought to city leaders.

One idea has been brought to the city by the RRM Design Group. The developer is proposing to build at 1107 and 1179 Del Monte. The site would include 40 studio and 1 bedroom units. 20 units would be reserved for affordable housing.

RRM Design Group

Another idea has been brought to the city by architect, Chris Barlow. Barlow is proposing to build at 1299 Del Monte Avenue. The site would include 3 units. 2 could be reserved for affordable housing.

Architect, Chris Barlow

"It's going to be right next to the trail? I don't like that," replied a resident, who wished to remain anonymous, when asked about the potential developments.

He and other avid recreation trail users believe constriction near Del Monte Avenue could take away from current open space and scenic views.

A few miles away, a third idea has been brought to the city by The Paul Davis Partnership. The developer is proposing a two-story multi-family apartment complex on a vacant lot along Barnet Segal Drive near the Del Monte Shopping Center. The site would include 200 1 to 3 bedroom units. 40 units would be reserved for affordable housing.

The Paul Davis Partnership

"We have goals to meet for how many units we have to develop in the city. If we are not meeting those, we are not keeping pace with the housing demand. This is one of the main factors that continues to cause housing prices to skyrocket," said Monterey City Councilmemeber, Tyller Williamson.

Williamson said part of the proposals could require amendments to the city's General Plan, but could be worth the investment if it helps solve a piece of the state's housing crisis.

"I know it's very challenging, but we can advocate with the state and federal government for some support. We can't just do nothing. We have to take care of people," said Williamson.

Monterey City Council has tabled the proposals for now.


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Megan Meier

Megan Meier is a multi-media journalist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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  1. I am impressed by the kindness of the 3 developers ready to build housing locally.
    And to turn all profits over to the city for other community development for the life of the units.
    Now that is what I call civic service.

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