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Nine crew dispatched and four firefighters reported injured in Santa Cruz Pogonip Park Fire

Santa Cruz Fire Dept.

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Calif. (KION) While the Estrada Fire was burning near Watsonville and Morgan Hill, the county had another fire burning later that day in Santa Cruz's Pogonip Park.

Santa Cruz Fire Department said the wildfire in Pogonip Park is currently contained. The department also reported four firefighters were injured, however, none of them were hospitalized.

Friday night, the fire department dispatched nine crews from City of Santa Cruz, Central Santa Cruz, Branciforte and Cal Fire. When they arrive, the crews said they could see a significant amount of fire and glow in the sky.

Once one of the crews was able to locate the Pogonip Fire, they reported it was burning around two acres with the wind and embers casting into the City's upper westside neighborhood. In order to protect building nearby, several crews were on "structure protection" toward the end of Spring Court, Pasture Road and Rocky Road where they alerted neighbors about the fire and accessed their backyards to assess the threat of the fire.

By 4:45 a.m. on Saturday, the 2.1-acre fire was 90% contained. Crews under structure protection were released and the remaining crews address hotspots through Sunday night when the rain came in.

Overall, the fire lasted 40 hours and 50 firefighters were sent to fight the flames. Santa Cruz Fire also reported the fire was started by an unattended cooking fire.

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