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Victim hospitalized after apparent gang-related shooting

SALINAS, Calif. (KION) After responding to a shooting on Sunday at 2 a.m., Salinas Police reported two people were standing outside their vehicle near De La Torre Boulevard when a male dressed in black with a black face mask approached them and asked for their gang affiliation. When they didn't respond, the suspect shot the 24-year-old victim twice, striking him in the lower abs. The suspect fled eastbound and the victim's friend drove him to Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital where he was taken to Natividad Medical Center for surgery and moved to the intensive care unit. Police said he's expected to survive.

If you have any information related to this incident, contact Salinas PD at (831) 758-7321 or call their Tip Line at (831) 775-4222 to remain anonymous.

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Melody Waintal

Melody Waintal is the Digital Content Reporter at KION News Channel 5/46.


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  1. And, since no one died, this will not be reported in the totally BS Salinas statistics as a ‘murder’. And they do not report ‘attempted murder’. They will say there have been a couple of dozen murders this year. The real number is several hundred. The statistics reported by law enforcement make the city look far safer than it is. I’ve said this so many times I am annoying MYSELF about it lol. Too bad it is so pathetic. And true. Salinas Valley has become a 3rd world country. And all city council and supervisors do is cut police budgets and censure a great sheriff for letting visiting sheriffs use some of the county’s ammo. As we try to put a good foot forward and hire good people, and they do not want to come here.

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