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Caught on camera: bobcat rescued in Bonny Doon, succumbs to injuries

Kevin Foster

BONNY DOON, Calif. (KION) Three men with the Santa Cruz Native Animal Rescue saved a bobcat after its foot got stuck on a wire fence in Bonny Doon. However, the bobcat succumbed to its injuries, according to rescue officials.

Kevin Foster, his cousin and his nephew Sean Templeton worked together to make sure the bobcat was in safe hands after receiving a call from both the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office and Animal Control.

Foster said the bobcat had been hung up on that fence for about a day or two before anyone called to report it. Unfortunately, the foot was almost severed from being caught in the fence and could not be repaired.

"He will be humanely euthanized," Foster said. "He is too mature and mean to have the foot amputated and put on our educational permit. There’s no way he could survive in the wild with the loss of a foot. Unfortunately, it’s one of the sad outcomes of animal rescue."

Foster said when an animal like that is so severely injured and there is no hope for a quality of life, you are still rescuing it with euthanasia because you are freeing that animal from pain and suffering.

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Dominoe Ibarra

Dominoe Ibarra is a producer and editor at KION News Channel 5/46.


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