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Creekbridge residents shocked over homicide in neighborhood

Photo taken near alleged crime scene on Great Island Street in Salinas.

SALINAS, Calif. (KION) Neighbors on Great Island Street in the Creekbridge area are shocked to hear about the murder of a woman in their neighborhood.

Residents says that Creekbridge is considered to be a safer part of town and never would have expected for something like this to happen.

Salinas Police say 59-year-old Richard Ruiz is accused of murdering his girlfriend in a home on Great Island Street. The girlfriend, who neighbors claim is Ruiz's fiancée, was found dead after being reported missing by family members for several days.

What Creekbridge residents normally refer to as a friendly community is shaken now after a homicide investigation started to unfold in a quiet, Great Island Street neighborhood.

"Everybody is very concerned but really shocked that it could happen so close and some of the younger ones obviously, are scared. We've never had anything like this happen before so close," says Robert Wallace, a neighbor of couple.

Investigators say Ruiz was tracked down and arrested after leading Salinas Police on a pursuit along Highway 101.

"He started driving Southbound on 101. The marked units caught up to him North of Salinas outside of town and initiated a traffic stop. He didn't stop," says Commander John Murray.

Residents say this is a friendly community where most of the neighbors typically look out for one another but didn't expect murder to come knocking at their door.

"It's seldom that we have a lot of different turbulences, things of that nature. So, we're often out here with our mom, dad, our kids. We all play sports with one another so it's surprising to learn that this incident has occurred here," says David Cramer, neighbor on Great Island.

Police were combing the house and the surrounding area for any additional evidence. Meanwhile, a court date for Ruiz, has yet to be set.

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Stephanie Aceves

Stephanie Aceves is a multi-media journalist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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