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Pacific Grove PD rescues several people caught in high surf

Pacific Grove PD rescues several people caught in high surf
Pacific Grove PD rescues several people caught in high surf

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. (KION) Big waves hitting the coastline here locally on the Central Coast Sunday night as authorities tell residents to be careful near the beaches.

Water access and turnouts have been restricted in some parts of the Monterey Peninsula to make sure nothing bad happens to anyone.

"My roommate saw some surfers and they said they had to pull them out of the water. So it's not a good time to test your surfing skills," said Michelle Maddox, a Pacific Grove resident.

Pacific Grove police shut down water access for safety because of a High Surf Warning. You could still enjoy the beach, but keep away from the waters.

"The light on the waves. This is so amazing. Really great to watch, not so good to touch right now. Don't touchy," said Maddox.

"A few years ago we had a King Tide and the waves were breaking into a pond at the golf course, and the next day, they found saltwater fish in the freshwater pond," said John Rapp, a Pacific Grove resident.

While the waves are not as strong now, turnouts along Ocean View Boulevard have also been closed due to high waves. Authorities say they understand people want to watch the waves, but it is best to watch from a distance.

PGPD already had to respond to around seven water rescues within a 30 minutes span. Luckily, police say everyone got out safely. But it is not worth the risk to yourself and to first responders or Good Samaritans who may jump in for a rescue.

In the meantime, it is best to try swimming elsewhere.

"There's a little saltwater pool over there, but it's closed. You might want to try your bathtubs, maybe a hose if you really need the water," said Maddox.

If you are ever out on the beach, authorities say never have your back against the ocean. Waves can be unpredictable and that could lead to danger.

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