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San Benito County residents report receiving political calls from “county employees”

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SAN BENITO COUNTY, Calif. (KION) Residents are complaining to San Benito County officials, saying people identifying themselves as county employees are calling to ask them to vote in certain ways.

The county said they report that the "employees" ask them to vote in favor of some items in the November election.

The county said that it has found no evidence so far that employees have made these calls, and as county employees, they are not allowed to make these sorts of calls in their official capacity.

To remind employees that calling residents asking them to vote in certain ways is not allowed, the county issued a copy of the Political Activity Policy to all employees, which outlines the activities that are not permitted.

If someone receives one of these calls, they are asked to make note of the date, time and phone number the call was received from if possible.

Learn more about filing a complaint, visit the California Fair Political Practices Commission here. You can also learn more about stopping robocalls and texts here.

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Avery Johnson

Avery Johnson is the Digital Content Director at KION News Channel 5/46.


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