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Dolan Fire heavily damages Big Sur Condor Sanctuary



The Dolan fire has devastated the Big Sur Condor Sanctuary.

The condor release pen and the cabin for field biologists were destroyed. But the non-profit that runs the sanctuary is hopeful that the condors nesting there survived.

"Oftentimes condors nest in redwood trees. Redwood trees are high off the ground and they have a very thick bark which protects them from fire, so we're quite hopeful the condor nests and chicks will be able to survive this  but we're still concerned because wildfire is so unpredictable," according to the Executive Director of the Ventana Wildlife Sanctuary Kelly Sorenson.

The sanctuary remotely tracks 100 free flying condors using radio transmitters.

It is also monitoring eight nesting pairs of condors. Five condors were in the Dolan Fire area.

Sorenson says the Ventana Wildlife Society has been informed that their insurance will no long cover locations this remote.

The Society is now asking for donations to make repairs. You can make them by going to this link.

Ron Keller

Ron Keller is the news director at KION News Channel 5/46.


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