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Thousands across Central Coast venture outdoors amid heatwave

MONTEREY, Calif. (KION) It was a hot day on Friday to say the least all around the Central Coast, and thousand came out to beat the heat one way or another.

While most stayed cool, some had to take a visit to the emergency room after overheating got the best of them.

The line was out the door at the Baskin Robbins on South Main Street in Salinas Friday afternoon. When the weather's this hot, the sweet way is one way to cool off.

Cities along the Salinas Valley, like Gonzales and King city, opened cooling centers to keep everyone from getting too hot.

"We just stay cool by getting in the pool, playing with the sprinklers," said Gregory Correa, a Gonzales resident.

Some local hospitals have already had to treat people for heat-related illnesses. At least three people went to the emergency room at SVMHS, and the ER manager expects more cases in the coming days.

"The key to it is obviously staying out of the heat. But also staying hydrated," said Jeremy Hadland, a registered nurse and SVMHS ER manager.

Thousands across Central Coast venture outdoors amid heatwave

But in Monterey, hundreds flocked to the beaches to catch some sun rays and jump in the colder waters. While it looked like most people were following social distancing guidelines, a few Salinas residents were glad they could at least escape the heat there.

"In Salinas, nobody has air conditioning really I don't think, so now is the hottest time of the day inside, so it's good to be able to get out," said Tricia Moss, a Salinas resident.

Alvarado Street in Monterey was also popping with folks getting their sweet cool down. The COVID-19 pandemic was still on everyone's radar.

"Everyone is pretty much wearing masks, so it's been pretty comfortable and just enjoying the end of the summer," said Jedd Marcus, a Walnut Creek resident.

Despite signs saying no laying or sitting at Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove, dozens still came out to do just that. Law enforcement did not appear to be enforcing those rules Friday evening.

Hadland says if you start feeling dizzy, light-headed, feeling a high heart rate or if you start vomiting or anything like that, you should consider visiting your local hospital emergency room. These are the symptoms of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

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Josh Kristianto

Josh Kristianto is a multi-media journalist at KION News Channel 5/46.


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