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KION for Kids: Brothers want to be Salinas firefighters

SALINAS, Calif. (KION) For the Salinas Fire Department, a sense of community and outreach is so important, yet nearly impossible during a pandemic.

Still, where there is a will there is a way, especially when you know the result can be future Salinas firefighters.

“Especially because Salinas is small but a growing city and we really do want to hire local. So, it’s kind of our way of almost going and recruiting them as young as they can be,” said Sabrina Webb.

Last October, two Salinas brothers, Johnny and Jayson Morales, won their little turnouts during a raffle.  

The Salinas Fire Department is happy to see them enjoying their turnouts as they play around their neighborhood “looking for fire hazards.”

At six and four, if they end up joining the department, will probably be the youngest recruits.

The department says they soon plan on having a contest of some sort online for another turnout they had leftover from last year. More importantly, they want to remind people in Salinas they are fully staffed and there for those that need them.  

“Although we might not be able to give you a high five right now we can still give you an air five, from six feet away. So don’t stop saying hi to us and don’t stop waving at us, honking at us, everything. We still really appreciate all of that,” said Webb.

Soon enough, life will return to normal, and before you know it, the Morales brothers will grow up, hopefully, joining the line.

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