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Video shows racist remarks made against Salinas native at Fresno taproom

FRESNO, Calif. (KION) A Salinas native working in Fresno shared a video that shows a man making racist and offensive remarks.

The woman, Rebecca Hernandez, writes on social media that the issues started when the man, who identified himself as Jason Wood in the video, refused to wear a mask at the "Out of the Barrel" Taproom in Fresno Tuesday night. When her coworker tried to cut him off, he persisted and eventually became aggressive.

Hernandez said that when she entered the conversation, he threatened to ruin her life and called her a "dark-haired sand n****r."

She spoke with KION Wednesday night and says the best decision she made was to record Wood, who is white, and put the video on social media.

“When it crosses the line into racism. That’s a whole other level. I definitely think that man deserves to be held accountable for his actions. It is not cancel culture, it is accountable culture,” she said.

In the video, Wood said he worked for a company called Actionable Insights.

"This man claims to 'run the internet' and as the CEO and President of Actionable Insights, there probably won’t be any consequences for his racist actions. But I hope sharing this can be a lesson to others, it doesn’t matter how much money or power you think you have, it clearly can’t buy you dignity," Hernandez wrote in a social media post.

Wood responded to KION's request for comment Wednesday. He apologized and says he has no memory because of how much he drank.

 “She had every right to cut me off and I am very sorry for all of it,” he said.

Wood also insisted he is not a racist.

“I feel absolutely horrible. I don’t have a racist bone in my body.,“ Wood said.

Hernandez, looking back at what happened, isn't buying it.

“The fact that he felt so comfortable doing that. It doesn’t take a lot to close your mouth and walk away. But he stood there for quite as you saw and even prior to that. I find it every hard to believe that man is truly sorry,” Hernandez tells KION.

She also says the lack of indoor dining during the COVID-19 pandemic means service workers are often along, and they've been dealing with more combative customers.

“People are starting to get comfortable showing their real selves with us because there is no one to hold them accountable.”

When asked if she had anything else she wanted to share, Hernandez made a plea for customers to wear face coverings, as required by the State of California.

"Please just wear your mask. it is very simple. I think everyone in customer service is pretty tired of begging and asking. And the emotional energy and day to day anxiety and stress that we face just showing up to work is incredibly difficult. And if you can do that for us, that one small thing, we will be happy to do anything for you."

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